Four Key Practices for Daily Self-Development

Here are four key practices you can include in your day-to-day to ensure the greatest amount of daily self-improvement. We all have our "problem areas" we'd like to improve on, right? Whether that looks like increased productivity, more focus, more compassion in your daily interactions- whatever your focus may be, apply these four practices daily and you'll soon see major improvements in your self-development. 


1. Lead with gratitude in everything you do. What you have now was once just a desire so practice being grateful for all you have.

2. Set intentions for the day. Only when you know what your goals are, what you’d like to accomplish and achieve, can you then get after them with fervor and excitement. 

3. Affirmations. “I am abundant and achieving all I set out to do.” Our thoughts shape our outlook and actions, so positive affirmations are one way to refocus our mindset.

4. Reflection. A practice best exercised at the end of the day, the reflection helps you to review your day in full. View your wins and your losses, celebrate our victories and isolate what we hope to do differently tomorrow.


✨ Do you already engage in any of these practices? If so, how do they help you to maintain your focus and accomplish your goals?


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