Your External Success = Your Internal Value

How can you achieve your goals if you do not recognize your own value?

 Our situation does not dictate our internal value.  

Often in life we zoom in on what we perceive as failure. We focus on what we’re lacking and as a result, we have a hard time seeing any potential paths around us (let alone any sort of lesson we could possibly be learning).  

You're transfixed on the very real fact that you need a new car because your current one is failing. Or, that you are consistently sad and irritated because you're unfulfilled in your current job. Or even that you’re just fed-up, anxious and overwhelmed because people in your life (who you care deeply about) are depending on you to succeed, but you're honestly just having a hard time staying afloat. 

It feels like life is pilling all the obstacles on top of one another and there's no way to see over them, let alone clear them. You genuinely want this change, but nothing in your life is giving. 

Let's just pause for a moment. I'd like to ask you:
  1. What is it that you're really looking for? Above all the else, is it security, purpose, freedom? 
  2. Are you honestly taking the necessary strides to get there? 

The common thread here, if you look closely, is not failure - because you haven't failed, it's imperative that you recognize that the difficulties of life do not designate you a failure. Instead, the common theme is a lack of accountability to self, and a responsibility to one’s own needs. 

If your immediate response to these questions was anyone of these (or some variation), it's time you stop all your efforts and have a serious talk with yourself. Because, if your response was : 

“Nothing I do makes a difference. I just can’t win.”

“I can’t do what I want because I have real problems to focus on.”

“It doesn't matter because I’m not enough.”

Then truly, nothing you do will be able to make the difference necessary to obtain the changes you desire in your life. 


Our thoughts inform our lives. 

When our thoughts are transfixed solely on the problem, and can not sustain our self-worth, is it also possible we're overlooking the solution? What if you were the solution? I know that sounds cheesy, and probably a bit confusing. Because, let's face it, you work really hard! But (hear me out), what if your sustained efforts are pointed in the wrong direction, and you're neglecting the true source for change needed in your life? 

Our thoughts can let us know, just how much we value our own experience. Listen to what you are telling yourself and internalizing! Would you speak that way to someone you really cared about? Are you able to recognize when it’s time to effect necessary life changes and do the real work that will ultimately benefit you because YOU need it or YOU deserve it?

You might not know all the steps to get to the end (YET), but deciding that you’re ready to take responsibility of your own happiness is the first.


✨You’re valuable, so treat yourself like it.


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